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Thermosoft Purmo Yali Plus oil filled electric radiators blend elegance and intelligent features with unparalleled build quality. Traditional ribbed steel radiator body, sizing choices, and comforting radiant warmth, the Yali Plus boasts an expanded backlit screen, cutting-edge Zigbee 3.0 smart home capabilities, and flawless integration with the latest Unisenza+ app, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa via the innovative Unisenza+ Smart Gateway.

Thermosoft Purmo electric radiators are standalone, oil-filled radiators that heat up using electric elements. They produce exactly the same gentle, radiant heat that people love about hydronic heating. Similar to hydronic panels in many ways however they require no central boiler or plumbing to operate.  So you don’t have to run a whole system to heat one room.

Electric current passes through the element which is immersed in biodegradable vegetable oil. The oil retains heat and circulates within the unit, warming the radiator panels and heating the room.  It passes heat to people and objects using a mix of infrared radiation (radiant heat) and air currents (convection heat). Your home and family are heated much sooner, providing the benefit of hydronic heating without the high upfront cost of electric heat pumps and domestic hot water.

Thermosoft Purmo panels are high quality systems with precision thermostats and high thermal mass to help maintain very stable temperatures in the home. Installing them in well-insulated and draught proof spaces will reduce heat loss in the home.

Radiators are standalone electric units that require no central boiler or plumbing to operate, so you don’t have to run a whole system to heat one room.  Running costs can be greatly offset by solar/battery systems, great for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.


Also available in Parada Plus Flat front radiators

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