Your complete range of hydronic heating systems for whatever room or style of house.

Common throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, Hydronic Heating is fast becoming popular in Australia. Hydronic Heating uses a boiler to heat water. Thermostatically controlled water is then pumped through pipe to individual radiators which transfer heat to the room. Individual control valves on each radiator allows rooms to be heated independently, ensuring an efficient use of energy.

This type of heating is dust free, has no air movement and no noise inside the house. The house is heated by convection and radiating heat from each panel.

Immergas boilers heat the water that warms your home. Manufactured in Italy, you can choose from the 87.3% efficient Immergas SE or the 98.3% efficient Immergas Intec Condensing boiler.

Delonghi  Ribbed Radiators are classic panel with a scratch and corrosion resistant finish. Available in widths 400mm – 3000mm, these panels can be powder coated in a selection of colours to suit your home.

Delonghi  Flat Fronted radiators provide a modern, streamlined look.

Careful planning and design of your Hydronic Heating is crucial to achieving an effective and efficient system. From Burwood to Box Hill North, Malvern to Canterbury, we can design and system to keep you and your family warm during cold Melbourne winters. The Comfort Heating & Cooling sales team will visit your home for an onsite appraisal to ensure your system is designed correctly or you can call in to our showroom at 675 Whitehorse Road Mont Albert or call us on 98992073 to discuss your needs


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