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  • NEW Daikin Air Purifiers

    As a result of COVID, we have never been more aware of the air we breathe.

    Consequently, Daikin have put a lot research into their new Air Purifier range.
    The addition of New Streamer Technology further improves the quality of your air indoors.
    As a result of advanced technology and ultra quiet operation, units capture, suppress and break down pollutants.

    Approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® program. Thus ideal if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies.

    4 layers of filtration:
    Pre-filter – captures large particles
    Deodorising Filter – removes odours
    High Efficiency Particulate Filter – removes 99.97% of fine particles
    Streamer Technology – oxidative decomposition removes odours, bacteria and formaldehyde.

    Featuring 3 new models:
    $499 (inc GST) MC40YPVM
    $669 (inc GST) MC55YPVM including wireless remote and child proof lock
    $869 (inc GST) MCK55YPVM including humidification and casters for portability

    Use your air purifier in addition to a split system air conditioner.  Place your Daikin Air Purifier opposite a Daikin Split System air conditioning unit. In the same way, place it next to the return air of a ducted system. As a result you will achieve optimal circular airflow effect.

    In addition, place unit on the floor, or as low as possible, to ensure optimal dust collection.

    Due to long life filters, units are easy care and low maintenance.

    Pick up from our office in Mont Albert.
    Order 10 or more and receive free delivery!

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